The Getaway Sale 🌴 Take 20% off warm weather styles with code: PTO GUYSGALS
The Getaway Sale 🌴 Take 20% off warm weather styles
with code: PTO GUYSGALS

 We have officially rounded out the first edition of the Re-Spun Hall of Fame. Thank you to everyone who voted, and an even bigger thank you to everyone keeping up to date with our ‘Weird Tees Wednesday’ saga on our IG stories.

After a month-long voting journey, here are the four shirts that will be inducted into the Re-Spun Hall of Fame this time around:

After sorting through thousands of shirts, some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some just really confused us. Whichever emotions they conjured, we wanted to know more. So we reached out to the original owner of our winning tee to gather a bit of context.

"While counseling a patient for chemotherapy, she warned me that she can be a salty bitch. I told her that is exactly why she was going to do just fine. She brought these shirts for the staff and wore them to every chemo appointment to keep herself in check. The shirts didn't work, but I'll be damned if she isn't a cancer survivor. And true to her claim." - Salty Bitch tee owner

As a brand born from a thrown out tee, we know how hard it is to part with your most memorable items. To all of you who sent us your old shirts, whether you hated them or hated to see them go, we can’t thank you enough. Keep sending us your tees and stories so we can keep the Re-Spun dream alive. Go vote on the potential October inductees for a chance to win another $500 ML gift card.


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