Surplus Sale is Here (!) Ends Midnight — Score up to 50% off sale items with code:CHEERS
Surplus Sale is Here (!) Ends Midnight — Score up to
50% off sale items with code:CHEERS

we’re hiring

Oh hey, we’re Marine Layer

In Pursuit of the Perfect Tee...

We’re a small and passionate team designing clothes and experiences that inspire a life at ease. Whether it is a mellow morning in your favorite sweatshirt or summer afternoon in a breezy dress, our brand was built for your treasured off the clock moments.

Our Values


We take our jobs seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We need people that know when to have fun and when to work hard. Most days won’t even really feel like work, but we know how to switch gears and get serious when we need to. We’re here for a good time AND a long time.


We value hard work and enthusiasm over experience. We need someone that loves to teach themselves new things and fill in the gaps when needed. You should love learning from others, but still suggest changes if you think it’s the right call. We want to learn from you, too!

Problem solvers

Sometimes things get scrappy around here (Ok, most times). Whether you’re in the stores, the office, or at your WFH couch-desk, we need you to think on your feet and deal with stuff as it arises in true ML/McGyver style. Most importantly, no person or problem exists in a silo, so collaboration and teamwork are essential to success.


In less charged times we used to playfully say there is no "i" in team, but there is one in fired...We are a small group of folks who have built a tremendous brand by working together. While individual accountability is a hallmark of our community, no one person is responsible for our success.


Marine Layer is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and recognizes that diverse perspectives and experiences are a source of our company’s strength. As such, we welcome applicants and employees of all genders, races, backgrounds, ages, orientations, and nationalities. You CAN sit with us.

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