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Director of brand & communications

- San Francisco, CA -


Since starting our business we’ve largely kept our heads down, focusing on building a great brand and making awesome product (mostly because those things were quite difficult). As we’ve grown, the importance of telling a clear story and getting in front of a larger audience has magnified. We’ve successfully built a tremendous brand with 25 stores across the country and a passionate cult following. That said, we could do a better job communicating a lot of the unique things we do. That’s where you come in…

We’re looking for a smart, organized and opportunistic person who can help us evolve our messaging and craft a cohesive story that will drive our media strategy and customer communications. This person will also have to ensure that all brand content we are already creating is clear, consistent, and true to our voice. This role will be responsible for developing meaningful media relationships that deepen Marine Layer’s connection with the press and most importantly our consumers.

Internally, you will lead the development and evolution of our communications/marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, drive traffic/sales, and enthusiasm for Marine Layer. We have a distinct (and genuine) voice through which all of our comms should pass. It will be your job to ensure that the content we’re creating and the marketing of it all comes across in that genuine voice. How we specifically do that is up to you, me, our creative director and our head of marketing.


It bodes well if you are:

  • An Authentic Brand Advocate.
    You should know the brand, like the brand, and be able to represent us in an authentic way in-person and in writing.
  • A Great Storyteller and Clear Communicator.
    This is a big one.
  • Strategic & Creative. 
    You’ll need to be an inventive thinker who can balance creative goals with bottom-line business needs.
  • A Fantastic Project Manager, Oh and Scrappy. 
    You need to be organized, self-motivated and accountable.
  • Between the Ages of 18 & 70
    This is a director level role so we’re looking for someone with a decent amount of experience, but we’ve got some pretty amazing junior folks here who crush it. So if you’re light on experience, but think you’ve got what it takes shoot us a note. And if you’re over 70 and have what it takes let us know too. We’re open. You just have to be better at email than my dad.


Shoot me,, and your resume along with a thoughtful email on why are a great fit for Marine Layer and this role.


- San Francisco, CA -


We’ve built an awesome brand by creating great product. We want to continue to create amazing products for men and women and that’s where you come in…

We’re looking for someone to join our design team to help develop ideas that translate from concept to implementation. We need you to be responsible for establishing and consistently delivering upon the Marine Layer brand vision. Specifically,


You will act as a leader within the small yet mighty design team not only in sketching and supporting the inspiration process but working closely with our tech designers, production, sourcing and merchandising teams to drive the seasonal design process. You must be confident speaking to and presenting your ideas to not only leadership, but your cross-functional partners.


You must understand the Marine Layer brand. Be authentic in educating and helping everyone in the company act in ways that are consistent with and true to our branding and company.


It bodes well if you:

  • Understand Trend.
    You should research trend in magazines and online and enjoy inspiration shopping.
  • Possess Strong functional and technical skills.
    Do you have an in-depth knowledge of silhouettes, fabrication, and graphics? We hope so. We also need you to have experience in design software/tools: Centric, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Are Strategic & Creative.
    You’ll need to be able to view a collection as a whole and be able to identify any needs and balance the line accordingly alongside our Merchandising team. It’s super important to keep both the creative and business objectives in mind.


Check out our website and shoot your resume + a thoughtful email on why you are a great fit for Marine Layer and this role.

Store Managers + Store Supervisors

- Berkeley, CA | Lexington, KY | Seattle, WA | Kansas City, MO | Westport, CT | Houston, TX | Salt Lake City, UT | San Diego, CA -


We're looking for someone pretty special to help us slang a few tees and get the word out about Marine Layer at our new stores.  This is not a typical retail position because we are not a typical company. While selling shirts and maintaining the store are both very important, we primarily want someone who is personable, self-motivated and 110% committed to the success of their store and the brand as a whole.

As you can imagine, opening a store in a new market is an exciting challenge for any Store Manager and Store Supervisor. We need someone who can represent our lifestyle and company culture from hundreds of miles away. While we will (of course) be involved in branding, merchandising, events and training, it is very important for you to be an independent self starter.

In addition to finding someone who can kick ass and lead from afar, we are looking for a Store Manager + Store Supervisor who has experience in the following areas:

  1. Customer Experience — We want people to walk out of our stores excited about our brand. You should be (pretty) funny, (very) charismatic and be one hell of a host(ess) of the party.
  2. People Development — We pride ourselves in hiring green and developing our people. Personal success stories with people development and employee retention are a must.
  3. Leadership — We want someone who is passionate about keeping a team happy, engaged and challenged. There's a difference between managing a team and leading a team.
  4. Merchandising — Our product needs to look good and sell well in our stores. It's important for you to have a keen eye for merchandising and visual standards.
  5. Operations — It would be nice if operational tasks don't send you into a frenzy of panic.


Desire to work in a start‐up (ish) environment: A lot of people say they want to work at a start-up; not as many people really know what that means. Here it means we all work very hard, we believe deeply in the future of this company, and we all do a lotta bit of everything.

Success in a Retail Management Role: The size of your previous company and the product category you've worked in are not important to us. If you're a good manager with leadership skills and a positive attitude, you can succeed here.

Cultural Fit: This is a close-knit group that gets along extremely well. We all work hard, but manage to have a lot of fun along the way. We're all working towards the same goal of making Marine Layer something special and if you are on board for that (and don't have a stick up your butt) you'll fit in really well.


Please have a look at our website and then shoot your resume, a thoughtful email about how you relate to our seven-day-weekend lifestyle. Cover letters are for the birds…

Sales Associates

- All Cities-


Marine Layer is a San Francisco-based premium casual apparel brand. We design and manufacture all of our own clothing, and every step of that process occurs here in California. We sell through our website and our retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Miami and New York (and expanding). We are a fast-growing company whose success has been built on a small, passionate team that works hard and has a lot of fun.


We are looking for someone who is really excited about our brand and connects with our product. This is not a typical retail position because we are not a typical company. While selling shirts, maintaining the store, etc, are all very important, we primarily want someone who is personable, self-motivated and 110% committed to the success of their store and the brand as a whole.


We are looking for part-time or full-time associates who are excited to work closely with a team that has a lot of fun and is very passionate about making Marine Layer something special. The people who have been successful at this company are (very) outgoing, (very) fun, (kinda) organized, (pretty) smart and really, really like Marine Layer. It's a tough hiring market so we'll take 4 outta 5.


Please have a look at our website and shoot your resume and a thoughtful email about why you'd be a great match for Marine Layer. Cover letters are for the birds…