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I've already donated. Can I donate again?

Yup, we'll take 'em (and you'll get store credit again — up to $25). This resets in January, April, July, and October, so you can do it up to 4x a year.

What kind of items will you accept?

We'll take pretty much any tee, but cotton tees are ideal. The spandex in activewear fabric is harder to break down — but send 'em our way, and we can find new uses for them (like housing insulation).

Can I still drop them off in store?

Yup, we'll take 'em. Bring as many tees as you want, and you can get up to $25 once per quarter.

What happens to the stuff you can't re-spin?

Our recycling partners make sure even the scraps we can’t use find a new life — whether it’s as housing insulation, fishing nets, or whatever else.

Are all Re-Spun products made from our old tees?

We still use your old tees, but some products require more technical recycled materials than recycled cotton. So, we've started sourcing more recycled materials from other organizations. Anything with the Re-Spun stamp means it's made with 30% or more recycled materials. Heyo!

How long will you be collecting shirts?

Forever. (Or at least until we go out of business.) Re-Spun is a core part of what we do — and collecting t-shirts is just the beginning. We're working hard to expand the recycling program to other kinds of products. Stay tuned.

What if my company has a ton of tees to recycle?

If you’re an organization and have hundreds to thousands of tees, we may be able to work together on a recycling partnership. Reach out to for the deets.