Re-Spun fleece is here! As the first Re-Spun progression beyond tees, we’re pretty excited about it. Expanding the ReSpun collection was something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Now that we’re moving into Fall and Winter, it only made sense to make something warmer, cozier, and more sustainable.

We interviewed our Senior Women’s Designer, Allison, to give some background around the making of ReSpun fleece.

Why did you expand the Re-Spun family into fleece?

We always knew we wanted to do more with Re-Spun than just make tees. Fleece just felt like the natural next step. We also wanted to create warmer stuff before it starts getting cold out, so people can wear Re-Spun year round.

What’s cool about this fleece fabric specifically?

Besides being 100% recycled? It holds warmth really well, but its still breathable, lightweight, and quick drying. So its like a better, cruelty free version of wool. But honestly, i just love it because it's so cozy.

What was the design inspiration behind this new line?

Since we’re giving old textiles a second life on the fiber level, we wanted to do that with design as well. So we’re bringing back that 70s vintage varsity look. Specifically, by using different retro design attributes, like the chevron V, the color blocking, the piping… and so on. Very classic Americana with a Marine Layer twist.

Did you donate an old shirt to Re-Spun? If so, what was it.

Lots of them. One was my old Great Gatsby shirts… loved it, but it was way too worn out. Excited that it’ll be part of another tee one day.


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