To celebrate the launch of our new capsule collection with Lost & Found, we’re attempting to take Da Bus on a road trip to LA, starting tomorrow. Why? Lost & Found is based on the spirit of '70s surf culture, and we figured it doesn't get much more old-school than a barely-functioning VW bus.

Also, we needed a cheap way to get down there in time for Friday, which is when we're hosting a launch party for the L&F collab at our Venice store. 

(Here's a link to RSVP, if you're around)

 So who's even going on this road trip?

Doug "Always Aloha" Walker, Founder of Lost & Found

Ben Bloom, ML Creative Director, Bus Wrangler

Julia Toro, ML Copywriter with a high tolerance for gas poisoning, we assume


What are you guys gonna do on the way down?

highway 1 road trip Marine Layer

Day 1: Highway 1 to Big Sur

 Quick stop at the San Jose store

Tree Bones

Big Sur Bakery

Slates Hot Springs

Nepenthe for dinner (rec courtesy of @heartsymomma) 

Day 2: Santa Barbara with a stop in SLO

Morro Bay and the Sea Shanty (rec courtesy of @the_moodynoodle)

Go Westy Campers (mechanic rec courtesy of the good folks at @sunski)

Backyard Bowls for a smoothie (rec courtesy of @staciadesignco)

and maybe Los Agaves after since we'll probably still be hungry...

Day 3: Venice

Quick stop at the Malibu store

Surf at Zuma Beach

Lunch at Neptune's Net (rec courtesy of @ashleynicolego)

Crack a beer and start the party set-up


PS - Don't forget to submit your wager for how many times the bus is gonna break down...if you're right, you'll get a secret discount code. If you're wrong, you probably shoulda guessed higher.


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