We believe everyone should be able to live and love equally, whatever they're into. So it was about time we got behind Pride in a big way. 

This year, we partnered with The Trevor Project to bring you a Pride-themed Giving Tee and have raised over $12,000 to date to help them support LGBTQ youth in crisis. 

We also decided to march in the SF Pride Parade, so naturally we built a float featuring Da Bus. Then covered it in rainbows and glitter. Naturally.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the day. (It's pretty clear that we had a terrible time.)

Brittany from our customer service team letting her flag fly.

Like we said, we had a terrible time.

This kid did not want our COO to steal her thunder. We applaud you, young lady.

New teammate Teddy makes us all look bad with her crowd-pleasing dance moves.

We passed out tees and stickers to bribe the crowd.

The shirt says it all.

'Til next year...

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