Oh hey, you can take an extra 15% off sale items with code:BONUS
Oh hey, you can take an extra 15% off
sale items with code:BONUS

As you can probably tell, we were really excited about our ML Denim launch. Hey, it was a lot of work.

We all needed a drink, so we threw a party with our closest friends and VIP customers. Featuring drinks for our partners Trumer Pils beer and Fever-Tree Tonic water. 

Here are some shots (not the Fireball kind) from the night.

marine layer workshop ML denim launch party

Nothing like throwing a party on your own turf. We pushed our desks back and hosted everyone in our Marine Layer Workshop in Polk. 

jean and tonic bar marine layer party ML denim
Drinks on us, people.

bartender marine layer denim launch ML

Besides wine and beer, the only thing on the cocktail menu was our Signature Jean & Tonic (gin, Fever-Tree tonic, and added garnishes), but the bartender made other drinks if you asked nicely.

ML denim trumer pilsner beer ML denim launch party Or two Trumer Pils beers, please and thank you.  

you've got the blues boxes marine layer VIP pickup

Our VIP pickup boxes. The first time people are actually excited to get the blues.

get in our pants marine layer VIP denim pickup party boxes

Complete with a Jean & Tonic recipe and a bottle of Fever-Tree Tonic. Who knew there are more steps than just adding gin and tonic together?

marine layer ML denim party box happy swing

People were pretty stoked. (Yes, we do have a swing in the middle of our office.) 

wearing ML jeans denim launch party

Attendees got to try on ML Denim before anyone else. 

cheers marine layer ML denim party launch

Overall, great night. Cheers to a great launch, everyone.  


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