Last week, we pushed our desks back and created a makeshift stage for SoFar Sounds, a startup that organizes pop-up concerts.

They choose unique venues like living rooms, rooftops, and cool offices (aw SoFar, we’re blushing), then bring upcoming artists to the spot for an intimate concert.  

sofar sounds marine layer concert lineup

Three artists came, playing four songs each, and every song blew us away. It was a solid reminder that there’s so much good undiscovered stuff out there, and it just takes seeking it out to find it.

P.s. Show these artists to that one smug music friend that’s “already heard of everything.” You’re welcome.  

1. ASTU 

ASTU music marine layer

ASTU (pronounced äs-tü) began her musical journey at 5 years old singing gospel. Today, she’s developed her own style - a smooth, jazzy voice that sounds like butter.

ASTU marine layer performance so far concert

Not planned: her bandana and nails matched the backdrop. It was almost as glorious as her voice.

Follow her on IG at
Listen to her Soundcloud here.

2. Eric Long 

A Pennsylvania transplant currently living in Oakland California, Eric Long sang bluesy, folk songs about longing for his home state. We’re not even from Pennsylvania and by the end of his set, we missed it too.

His music was somehow sad… yet hopeful… yet calming… yet pulling at our heart strings. We were in a glass box of emotions the entire time. Bravo, Mr. Long, bravo.

Follow him on IG at @soulandbone.
Listen to him on SoundCloud here.

3. Netherfriends

Netherfriends, aka Shawn Rosenblatt, makes music that’s hard to describe - but in the best way. His quirky, upbeat attitude matched his music style, and we dig it.

This Chicago native blends pop, hip-hop, and electronic music to create catchy, experimental music you’ve never heard before.

Basically, it’s what you didn’t know you were into. Definitely worth a listen.

Follow him on IG at @netherfriends.
Listen to him on Soundcloud here.


Overall, great night. Faith in today’s music = restored.


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