The Getaway Sale 🌴 Take 20% off warm weather styles with code: PTO GUYSGALS
The Getaway Sale 🌴 Take 20% off warm weather styles
with code: PTO GUYSGALS
The last outpost from the crew at Afuera Vida before they cross the border into Mexico. The fact that their van has already made it about ten times farther than Da Bus ever could is making us rethink our corporate car choices. Even though this will be our last update, you can keep following their journey on Instagram at Afuera Vida for rad pics, adventures, and breakdowns.

~ The last time we were in San Francisco, nearly four years ago, we decided to take Alfonso, our only child at the time with us on a film shoot for four days. Sofi was shooting, I was producing, Alfonso was our nine month old assistant and we had rented a 1980’s VW Westfalia to be the main prop for the adventure. Following the first night of the shoot, the transmission dropped, leaving us stranded in the Presidio at midnight - not really an ideal scenario with a nine month old. Looking back, it was that moment that later led us to move into a van and drive to South America.

This time around, when we arrived in San Francisco after months on the road, it’s funny to think how far we’ve come. We stood in the same spot under the Golden Gate and took the same photo, but everything was different. Now that we’ve pushed through Big Sur, San Luis Obisbo, Ventura and Venice we’re so excited to keep the adventure moving forward.

Everyday we’re inching closer to the border. Each day is new and different and requires full attention. This lifestyle demands that focus, because at any moment anything could go wrong. It takes your full attention and maybe that’s why it is so addicting. ~

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