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The Getaway Sale 🌴 Take 20% off warm weather styles
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October 21, 2019

  • Tags: On Location
  • October 21, 2019

  • Tags: On Location
  • We wanted to check in on our friends at Afuera Vida now that they have started heading south. As the weather starts to turn here in SF, we’re a little more jealous of their travels. When they dropped by our HQ last week, it was hard to resist stowing away. At least one of us could fit in a surfboard bag strapped to the roof… Here’s their latest outpost from the road:

    ~ As crisp fall air started creeping straight through our van walls, we knew we had to begin tracking south. The Pacific Northwest was hard to leave. Late summer was full of glacial river swims and off road exploration.
    Bend marked our last stop in the PNW before pointing it to Yosemite. We planned on traveling down the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, through the alpine desert reminiscent of what awaits us in Baja.

     Although we planned to hit Yosemite early to avoid bad weather, it didn't work out exactly as planned. A September snowstorm shut the Tioga Pass, forcing us to camp out at a nearby hot springs. Camilo started to show signs of a cold coming on and Alfonso caught it within a day. We were in one of our most exciting stops with two sick kids, a closed road, and a crunched timeline. These are the moments that make us question why we do this.
     Regardless, we have to roll with whatever is thrown at us. From sick kids to lost cameras to bickering over where to park our 30 foot van in San Francisco, the journey must continue. 

    We’re now halfway through California, gearing up for the final stages of our US adventure before crossing into Baja. It’s bittersweet leaving the states. But for us this story is about connecting our North and South American roots, so we trek on. ~

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