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Take an extra 15% off sale items with code:BONUS

November 07, 2018

November 07, 2018

This season, we’ve gotten really into hygge. For those that aren’t fluent in Danish for some reason, here’s our rough translation of it:

That warm feeling inspired our winter collection, so we sent the team to Copenhagen (the home of hygge) to test it out.

Here’s where we went in those 48 hours:

1. Magstræde

marine layer copenhagen hygge

Look familiar? This is where we shot the cover of our catalog. It’s also one of the oldest streets in Denmark. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

Cobblestones make for a... ahem, bumpy bike ride. Alex choosing to walk this street out. 

2. King's Garden

bikes copenhagen marine layer

During summertime, there’s puppet shows (creepy, but okay), lawn parties, and live jazz here.

running marine layer copenhagen holiday

Not so much the case in winter. Which made it the perfect spot to run around in.

3. Nyhavn


copenhagen nyhavn marine layer catalog winter

Ahhh, the classic postcard-image picture of Copenhagen’s famous canal. You’ve probably seen this on Instagram from that kid that studied abroad once and won’t stop posting about it. #takemeback

But honestly, after seeing it in person, we don’t know if we blame* him now.

*as much.

4. Nationalmuseet

Who would’ve guessed this translates to National Museum? Getting closer to being fluent in Danish by the minute. 

Okay, Alex… where’d you park your bike?

5. Rundertaarn

This tower is famous for its equestrian staircase, which basically means a very gently sloping flight of steps that horses can actually walk through.

So can models in heels.

6. Our AirBnb

Our home base for the weekend.  Looks like the Motel 6 might have some competition.

And to wrap up a successful trip to the beautiful Denmark capital, we made the obvious choice for dinner: Mexican food.

We are truly cultured. Great trip, team.


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