Get ready to get away (!) SHOP ML RESORT
Get ready to get away (!) SHOP ML RESORT


The Snowball Express

“Have you ever seen anything swing like this before noon? The whole thing is upside down. Those people dancing, they’re wild.”

A passenger on the Snowball Express.

This is our third winter teaming up with Lost & Found, a collective that preserves photography from the past — and this year, we drew design inspiration from the stories of the passengers aboard the famous Snowball Express.

It brought together a certain type of person — any and everyone up for a good time. Packed with skiers and non-skiers alike, it (quite literally) rocked its way from Los Angeles to Sun Valley to celebrate the beginning of winter in style.

“You’re all going to tip this car and derail it with that dancing. Look at this tipping back and forth.”

An understandably worried train conductor

Our design inspiration is rooted in this same carefree, festive spirit — so we’re excited to bring you this capsule of vibrant winter styles from the past. We hope you like it as much as we do.

For more deets, go to or @thelostandfoundcollection.

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Winter Capsule Vol. 3

All Aboard.