Our story 2016_09

A perfect shirt is hard to come by

The day after my girlfriend threw away my favorite shirt I started working on Marine Layer. To be fair she wasn't like the crazy girlfriend (now wife) who steals your favorite shirt just to get a call back... this one really was on its last legs (the shirt, not Kelly). If anything, I was probably the crazy one to quit my job and spend a year trying to make the perfect fabric. But you know what they say, one man's crazy is another man's new favorite shirt? Well, they should say that...

Not sure if you picked up on it, but

We’re a little fabric obsessed

Our signature fabrics are core to our business as our entire line stems from finding the perfect fabric for every product. It's been that way since we sourced our first custom blend of Supima Cotton & Micromodal and is still true as we source and develop 25 (and counting) new custom fabrics.

We make the highest quality product possible, in the most responsible way

We produce most of our line in San Francisco & Los Angeles, where some of the best knits in the world are made. For our more technical styles, we manufacture overseas in the same fair and ethical garment factories that we would use in the states. The relationships that we build with our sewers are important to us, and we are confident that our product and brand are in good hands.

The Workshop

aka, Marine Layer HQ in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Everything from product design to online order fulfillment to store build-outs happens inside the walls of this old movie theater. If you're in the area, swing by for some freshly made movie theater popcorn. The machine works...most days.

Always on the move

In the old days, our general strategy for expansion was to open stores in cool places our 1969 VW bus would take us. Then we opened up a store in Chicago and the bus broke down halfway across the Bay Bridge, so we had to regroup.

We still use it for errands around town and last minute Instagram posts, but have since updated our expansion strategy to opening stores in cool places...that are accessible by airplane.

With stylish comfort as the common thread, our expanding line of clothing is just like our team…pretty awesome

Want to join the team? We work hard towards the same goal of making Marine Layer something special and if you are on board for that (and don't have a stick up your butt) you'll fit in really well.