We spent the last 10 years perfecting the t-shirt. It’s about time we took on denim.


The world's softest premium denim in every style you need.

The Fabric

We scoured the globe for the best fabric for our jeans: premium denim that met our standards for softness.
Eventually we settled on Turkey, where some of the best denim in the world is made. It’s the perfect climate for producing Extra Long Staple (ELS) Cotton, which makes our denim soft and durable.
  • Weighing in at > 10 oz
  • Designed to stretch and recover
  • Washed with a unique softener

The Deets

Custom shank engraved with the coordinates of our San Francisco workshop.

Invisible patch made possible by signature red stitching on the waistband.

Authentic washer burrs and rivets that give a nod to the original technique used in denim workwear.