January 04, 2019

January 04, 2019

Checking Off 2018 Resolutions

Whoa. A lot happened this year. 

This past year, we actually stuck to our resolutions. Well, some. We’re not perfect. Anyways, here’s what they were:

Get active...ish. 

We launched our Weekend Sport activewear line for whatever you do (or don’t do) on the weekend.

weekend sport marine layer

We created a fabric that was technical enough to work out in (4-way stretch and moisture-wicking) but comfortable enough to relax in.

marine layer weekend sport

Great for uphill runs or waiting in ridiculously long brunch lines. Seriously, SF, we need to do something these wait times.

Open up in cool cities.

portland marine layer  Like New Orleans. 

marine layer portland airbnb

Our new spot on Magazine Street even has a 2-bedroom Airbnb in the back.

take a record leave a record wall portland airbnb marine layerWith a take-a-record leave-a-record wall.

Make a great pair of jeans. 

marine layer jeans ML denim 

We spent the last 10 years perfecting the t-shirt. It’s about time we took on denim.

marine layer denim ML denim

In September, we launched ML Denim: the world’s softest premium denim.

Show our pride. 

marine layer pride da bus

We raised over $17,000 to support The Trevor Project’s life-saving work and took to the streets for SF Pride.

marine layer pride

We also decided to build a float featuring Da Bus. And cover it in rainbows and glitter. Naturally.

Step up our sustainability game.

re-spun marine layer

Heyo, Re-Spun. So long, textile waste.

We’ve collected over 10,000 tee donations so far — and this is just the beginning. Lots more to come in 2019.

Travel more. 

We went to Kauai, Todos Santos, Joshua Tree, Seattle, and Copenhagen to shoot catalogs (and rack up some airline miles).

Did someone tell Alex the boat’s not over the water?

Don't give up on Da Bus. 

Even after 6 breakdowns….

We took Da Bus down to LA with our friends at Lost & Found...but only made it to SLO.

Thanks to the help of an inferior minivan we rented in her place, we were able to make it to our LF x ML event juuust in time.

Other events… we weren’t so lucky. (We also might need to add “replace engine” to this year’s list.)

Expand the friend group.

We hired 22 new people (!) to help us make more of your favorite stuff.

2018 has been good to us. Can’t wait 2019.



Oh hey. 

When I started Marine Layer almost 10 years ago, the goal was to make the best shirt we could... and not go out of business. Adam and I (and the rest of the crew) have spent the majority of the last decade worrying about those things. And in the process, we've managed to build a great brand and a tremendous community of supporters. 

But as we gained a better understanding of the apparel industry and its negative impact on the environment, it became clear that we had to do more than just make great clothes and not go broke. We needed to figure out a way to be part of the solution. 

Over the years we tried lots of things (including a hideous recycled t-shirt bag) but struggled to figure out how to make a substantial positive impact. Turns out, our fatal flaw was not coming up with a solution that involved our customers. 

That's why we're so excited about Re-Spun. It's the only recycling program around that leverages the incredible power of our community. 

We launched Re-Spun this past month and already got about 3 times as many donation commitments as we expected. We need 20,000 to get to the scale where this program will work, and we're well on our way. Hopefully, this is just the beginning! 

Thanks to everyone who has participated. And to everyone who read this far down in our message. 


December 21, 2018

  • Tags: re-spun
  • December 21, 2018

  • Tags: re-spun
  • FAQs

    Can we send in old jeans, button-downs, or anything else that isn’t a tee?

    We’re just taking t-shirts this time around, but if they end up in our bin we’ll find a responsible use for them.

    Does it have to be a Marine Layer shirt?

    Nope. It can be any brand. Kirkland Signature, Chanel, or anything in between.

    Can we send in any fabric/material tees?

    We love almost all fabrics and materials. The only thing we ask you don’t send is activewear fabric. That stretchy spandex is tough to break down.

    Instead, cut it up and use it to dry dishes. That stuff is like magic.

    How many shirts can I send you?

    As many as you want. The more, the merrier. Also, the more credit for you.

    If I donate 100 shirts, do I get $500 credit?

    Nice try. You get $5 credit per tee -- up to $25. So:

    1 tee………………….$5
    2 tees……………... $10
    3 tees……………… $15
    4 tees…………..… $20
    5 tees…………...…$25
    6+ tees……………$25

    How long will you be collecting shirts?

    Forever. “10,000 tees” just the number we need to fill up our first shipping container.

    Can we bring them to stores or does it have to be online?

    Either. Both if you’d like. Every ML store has a drop-off mailbox.

    What’s the condition that they should be in? (Holes, stains, etc.)

    Everything’s washed and broken down to the fiber level, so it seriously doesn’t matter. Send us your tees with stains, holes, and rips. Any condition.

    If you get the full $25 credit, can you ever get credit again if you send more tees?

    Not with the same email. But force your friends to donate, and then steal their code. #friendship.

    If we bring 6 tees to the stores, can we receive our $25 and use it immediately?

    Yup. Or if you want to save the credit for later, one of the store associates will e-mail you a code.

    Bonus points for old ML shirts?

    Nah, but clearly you have great style.

    Are these made with any hazardous chemicals?

    The people up top double checked to make sure there’s no sketchy business. Recover yarns are certified with OEKO-TEX 100 to assure lack of hazardous chemicals, and the Global Recycling Standard to assure recycled content.

    Oh yeah, and Recover upcycled cotton yarns score THE BEST in Higg MSI.

    Higg MSI? Is this another Danish word you guys are using?

    Nope. Basically, every company gets a number out of 100 - a “sustainability performance” score. It ’s a great way to publicly compare and expose companies, so we can peer pressure them to not screw over the Earth.

    The lower the score, the better. Check this out:

    Doesn’t recycled yarn usually feel like a scratchy potato bag? How’d you get it so soft?

    We sueded it.

    Sueding is when the fabric is rubbed really hard against something scratchy to raise the surface of fibers. Basically, it’s like taking sandpaper and rubbing it against the cloth really fast. This reduces the friction between the fibers and makes it a whole lot softer.

    Imagine sanding down a surfboard. It beats down all the splinters and makes for a much smoother ride. That’s basically what we’re doing with our Re-Spun yarn.

    Why are people in Spain doing this and not the US?

    So Recover, the company we’re working with, has been doing this since the 1960s, so they’re experts in what they do. They started during WW2, when Europe was running out of textiles, people start researching how to re-use what already exists. And thus, Recover was born. America didn’t face that same trouble during WW2, so that’s kinda why.

    Do we have to pay to mail in our shirts?

    Nope, all our tee recycling kits come with prepaid mailers. Completely free for you.

    Are the prepaid mailers recyclable?

    Yup, they’re made from recycled materials and will be recycled again.

    Isn’t this really expensive for you guys to do?

    Yeah, but we really like Earth.



    November 07, 2018

    November 07, 2018

    This season, we’ve gotten really into hygge. For those that aren’t fluent in Danish for some reason, here’s our rough translation of it:

    That warm feeling inspired our winter collection, so we sent the team to Copenhagen (the home of hygge) to test it out.

    Here’s where we went in those 48 hours:

    1. Magstræde

    marine layer copenhagen hygge

    Look familiar? This is where we shot the cover of our catalog. It’s also one of the oldest streets in Denmark. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

    Cobblestones make for a... ahem, bumpy bike ride. Alex choosing to walk this street out. 

    2. King's Garden

    bikes copenhagen marine layer

    During summertime, there’s puppet shows (creepy, but okay), lawn parties, and live jazz here.

    running marine layer copenhagen holiday

    Not so much the case in winter. Which made it the perfect spot to run around in.

    3. Nyhavn


    copenhagen nyhavn marine layer catalog winter

    Ahhh, the classic postcard-image picture of Copenhagen’s famous canal. You’ve probably seen this on Instagram from that kid that studied abroad once and won’t stop posting about it. #takemeback

    But honestly, after seeing it in person, we don’t know if we blame* him now.

    *as much.

    4. Nationalmuseet

    Who would’ve guessed this translates to National Museum? Getting closer to being fluent in Danish by the minute. 

    Okay, Alex… where’d you park your bike?

    5. Rundertaarn

    This tower is famous for its equestrian staircase, which basically means a very gently sloping flight of steps that horses can actually walk through.

    So can models in heels.

    6. Our AirBnb

    Our home base for the weekend.  Looks like the Motel 6 might have some competition.

    And to wrap up a successful trip to the beautiful Denmark capital, we made the obvious choice for dinner: Mexican food.

    We are truly cultured. Great trip, team.


    Like what you saw? 




    Oh hey, the midterm elections are coming up. We care. We know you care. And we want to make it easy for you to register to vote (if you haven’t already).

    A lot of our stores will have voter registration forms you can fill out — we’ll even mail it in for you. Because who carries around stamps these days?

    Here are the stores in states where the deadline hasn't passed yet:


    1. Alabama (Deadline: 10/22)


    200 Summit Blvd. Suite 450

    Birmingham, AL 35243

    (205) 967-3444

    Open 10-7, Mon-Sat | 12-6, Sun


    2. California (Deadline: 10/22)



    1572 California St.

    San Francisco, CA 94109

    (415) 970-5785

    Open 11-7, Mon-Sun


    2209 Chestnut St.

    San Francisco, CA 94123

    (415) 400-4136

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sun


    498 Hayes St.

    San Francisco, CA 94102

    (415) 829-7519

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sun


    855 El Camino Real Suite 14

    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    (650) 272-6638

    Open 10-7, Mon-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    377 Santana Row #1020

    San Jose, CA 95128

    (408) 816-7222

    Open 10-8, Mon-Thu | 10-9, Fri-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    1901 Fourth Street, Suite 106

    Berkeley, CA 94710

    (510) 705-8688

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sat | 10-6, Sun


    1144 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

    Venice Beach, CA 90291

    (310) 314-4041

    Open 10-7, Mon-Sun


    300 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    (310) 376-2960

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sat | 10-7, Sun


    3822 Cross Creek Road #3854C

    Malibu, CA 90265

    (310) 317-0152

    Open 10-7, Mon-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    3420 Via Lido

    Newport Beach, CA 92663

    (949) 220-7295

    Open 10-8, Mon-Thurs | 10-9, Fri-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    4305 La Jolla Village Drive

    Suite 2462

    San Diego, CA 92122

    (858) 352-6408

    Open 10-9, Mon-Sat | 11-7, Sun


    844 Monterey St Suite B-102

    San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

    (805) 752-1373

    Open 10-9, Mon-Fri | 10-8, Sat | 11-6, Sun


    3. Connecticut (Deadline: 10/30)



    135 Main St.

    Westport, CT 06880

    (203) 221-0890

    Open 10-7, Mon-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    4. Illinois (Deadline: 10/21 online but 11/4 in person)



    1646 N Damen Ave.

    Chicago, IL 60647

    (872) 206-5668

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sat | 10-7, Sun


    849 W Armitage Ave.

    Chicago, IL 60614

    (872) 829-3824

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sat | 10-7, Sun


    5. Washington (Deadline: 10/29)



    4619 Village Terrace NE

    Seattle, WA 98105

    (206) 525-2110

    Open 10-8, Mon-Sat | 11-6, Sun


    319 East Pine Street

    Seattle, WA 98122

    (206) 420-4924

    Open 11-7, Mon-Sat | 11-6, Sun

    Election day is Tuesday, November 6th, people. See you at the polls!