Our stores are open (and they're cleaner & safer than ever). ML STORES
Our stores are open (and they're cleaner & safer than ever). ML STORES

Re-Spun fleece is here! As the first Re-Spun progression beyond tees, we’re pretty excited about it. Expanding the ReSpun collection was something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Now that we’re moving into Fall and Winter, it only made sense to make something warmer, cozier, and more sustainable.

We interviewed our Senior Women’s Designer, Allison, to give some background around the making of ReSpun fleece.

Why did you expand the Re-Spun family into fleece?

We always knew we wanted to do more with Re-Spun than just make tees. Fleece just felt like the natural next step. We also wanted to create warmer stuff before it starts getting cold out, so people can wear Re-Spun year round.

What’s cool about this fleece fabric specifically?

Besides being 100% recycled? It holds warmth really well, but its still breathable, lightweight, and quick drying. So its like a better, cruelty free version of wool. But honestly, i just love it because it's so cozy.

What was the design inspiration behind this new line?

Since we’re giving old textiles a second life on the fiber level, we wanted to do that with design as well. So we’re bringing back that 70s vintage varsity look. Specifically, by using different retro design attributes, like the chevron V, the color blocking, the piping… and so on. Very classic Americana with a Marine Layer twist.

Did you donate an old shirt to Re-Spun? If so, what was it.

Lots of them. One was my old Great Gatsby shirts… loved it, but it was way too worn out. Excited that it’ll be part of another tee one day.


 We have officially rounded out the first edition of the Re-Spun Hall of Fame. Thank you to everyone who voted, and an even bigger thank you to everyone keeping up to date with our ‘Weird Tees Wednesday’ saga on our IG stories.

After a month-long voting journey, here are the four shirts that will be inducted into the Re-Spun Hall of Fame this time around:

After sorting through thousands of shirts, some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some just really confused us. Whichever emotions they conjured, we wanted to know more. So we reached out to the original owner of our winning tee to gather a bit of context.

"While counseling a patient for chemotherapy, she warned me that she can be a salty bitch. I told her that is exactly why she was going to do just fine. She brought these shirts for the staff and wore them to every chemo appointment to keep herself in check. The shirts didn't work, but I'll be damned if she isn't a cancer survivor. And true to her claim." - Salty Bitch tee owner

As a brand born from a thrown out tee, we know how hard it is to part with your most memorable items. To all of you who sent us your old shirts, whether you hated them or hated to see them go, we can’t thank you enough. Keep sending us your tees and stories so we can keep the Re-Spun dream alive. Go vote on the potential October inductees for a chance to win another $500 ML gift card.


Some styles can be hard to understand, and well… style. Good thing it’s our job to do just that. And we’ve pieced together a full cheat sheet for ya.  


But first — we gotta talk ingredients before we start cookin’. Here are our favorite colors and textures of the season. 

 Got it? Got it. Let’s get started.  Here’s a full rundown of the best styles of the season (and how to wear ‘em best). 


“This is an easy way to add more color (and not just blue) in your wardrobe in an everyday, approachable way.” — David, Merchandising Manager

“When wearing a colorblock top, choose a color that’s not in the palette to avoid looking matchy-matchy. Choose a more faded or neutral color instead.” 
 Great for: Daytime Dates & Weekends 
 Great for: Daytime Dates & Weekends 

 Utility-Inspired Outerwear

“Utility-inspired jackets instantly add a rugged look, with design details inspired by guys who get sh*t done.” — Cedric, Senior Men’s Designer 

“If you want to clean up the look a bit, wear it over a nice sweater or flannel.” 
 Great for: Outdoor Dinners & Impressing the In-Laws 
Great for: Camping & Weekday Wear

Soft Layering 

“Basically, not wearing a jacket until you absolutely have to. Creative layering— double knit fabrics and heavyweight wovens— is an easy way to do that.” — Molly, VP of Product, Design, & Development 

“Avoid looking stiff by choosing a blazer made out of sweatshirt material, or a heavyweight woven that can act as a jacket.” 
 Great for: First Dates,  Lunch with the Boss, & Impressing the In-Laws 
 Great for: Weekends & Brewery Hopping 

Vintage, Textured Fabrics

“Fall is the time to break out fabrics with dimension, interest, and a real cozy-factor. Heavy flannel, corduroy, and Sherpa are always go-to's.” — Lauren, Senior Creative Producer

“Don’t be afraid to mix textures. Especially corduroy. It’s one of those fabrics that go well with everything. Sherpa, flannel, jersey… you name it.” 
Great for: Commuting & Weekday Wear 
Great for: First Dates & Family Dinners
If you like these styles, there’s probably a good chance you’ll like everything else from our Fall collection. Go check it out. 


September 16, 2019

  • Tags: The Clothes
  • September 16, 2019

  • Tags: The Clothes
  • Listen, NYFW isn’t really our scene (still open to attending the after-parties though...). And to be totally honest, we don't love the word “trend”. But there’s no other way to describe it, so here we are.

    Our team spent (literally) months reading dense industry jargon so you wouldn’t have to. And now, we’re translating it into...well, English.

     This season’s biggest theme? Autumn in the ‘70s. Warm is the new cool. 

    IN: Warm Colors

    “Fall is all about getting cozy, and these colors invoke well... warm feelings. Style your outfits around this color palette, and you’ll be set.” 

    DO: Get some dark shoes to complete your outfit.  

    DON’T: Wear with light-wash or white jeans. If you love truly Summer, let her go.

    OUT: Cool Colors

    “Avoid lavender, violets, turquoise, blues … you get it. Save any color Picasso could’ve used during his Blue Period for the winter.” 

    — Allison, Art Director  

    IN: Animal Prints

    “They instantly add a confident edge to your outfit. But I suggest going with an abstract animal print, which tones it down from a sex-kitten vibe to a more playful, easygoing look.” — Molly, VP Product & Design

    DO: Pair with solid colors. 

    DON’T: Mix different animal prints. You’re not a zoo. 

    OUT: Sequins

    “Sequins. Burning Man was fun while it lasted. Save the sequins for next year. Or at least NYE. They’re not very durable and can make your outfit look too costume-y.”

    — Molly, VP Product & Design

    IN: Feminine Sleeve Details

    “Bubbles and bell sleeves add a softer touch to a long sleeve top. While some long sleeves can look more basic, adding sleeve volume gives a classic piece a feminine touch that's also super wearable.” 

    DO: Wear with wide-leg pants for a true vintage look. 

    DON’T: Wear with a wizard hat. (Except maybe for Halloween? Full of ideas here.) 

    OUT: Spliced Sleeves 

    “Spliced tops or anything with cuts on the shoulders to the sleeves doesn’t make sense right now. Who wants random wind chills only on their shoulders?”

    — Anastasia, Women's Merchandising

     IN: Vintage Textures

    “Toss corduroy or sherpa in the mix, and you’ve instantly got a ‘70s look (Heyo, Donna Pinciotti). Each piece works well with basics, and adds some depth to your outfit.” 

    DO: Go all-in with head-to-toe corduroy. 

    DON’T:  Okay, maybe not toe...Corduroy shoes are going overboard.  

    OUT: Real Suede 

    “Suede is a pain to clean, and it’s not vegan-friendly. It’s also a little bit too cowboy….It’s gonna be a ‘yee naw’ from me, partner.” 

    — Allie, Women's Designer  

    IN: Luxe Lounge 

    “There’s a focus on premium, form-fitting loungewear. It’s still cozy enough for the Laz-E boy, but nice enough to wear in public without giving you that ‘college finals mode’ look.”

    DO: Wear with your favorite casual sneaks. 

    DON’T: Pair with aggressive, neon athletic shoes. You can save those for Crossfit.

    OUT: Anything Tweed 

    “Would be perfect if it was 1912 and you’re hosting a tea party at your country estate. But since it’s not, let’s save this fabric for the Downton Abbey cast. It’s too just all-around stiff.”

    —Lauren, Creative Producer

    One thing to keep in mind— everyone has different tastes. Even at HQ. While it’s obvious that low-rise jeans are an invention from Satan himself, sometimes we’re split about other trends. 

    So think of this less as a “trend report” and more of style recommendations from a few friends— ones looking out for ya. Take our advice or, you know, don’t. It all depends on what your personal style is. 



    September 06, 2019

  • Tags: On Location
  • September 06, 2019

  • Tags: On Location

  • It’s hard to find fall in august. Especially as a clothing brand based out of San Francisco. While everyone is getting into the groove of summer, we’re thinking about changing weather, colder temps, and pumpkin spice lattes.


    We had to pack up and search for colder climes, heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to shoot the ML fall collection. The breathtaking natural beauty of the place made it an easy choice. Buried in the Tetons and brushing up against Yellowstone National Park, Jackson is wild and stunning when the seasons change.

    We drew a lot of inspiration from the west this season, and Jackson was the perfect place to showcase the fall line. It was also a great place to roll out our new animal prints. Although after a few moose encounters we realized maybe the mammals should stay on the clothes.
    Nature was taken in from a nice healthy distance.

    And bucking broncos were ridden in our imaginations.


    Wyoming got us into the fall spirit as we slide into colder weather. It also got us excited about wearing extra layers and getting cozy indoors. However, the most important takeaway from the trip was that never should raw oysters be ordered more than one state inland (rocky mountain oysters are fine).