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Sausalito's Recording Studio 1976

The creative oasis across the bay that
inspired our Spring Archive collection.
"A hidden creative oasis."

The Musicians

Think of the most legendary musicians from the '70s odds are they recorded at this studio. We're talkin' Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, Sly and the Family Stone, and so many more.

"It was all about a big party, that's why the studio was built."

The Vibe

Founded in '72, The Record Plant was a creative oasis, complete with psychedelic murals, hot tubs, silk soundproofing, and even a "powder" room.

"This place changed the music game forever. Hands down."

The Music

Let's just say no boring music came out of The Record Plant. Prince recorded his debut album, the Grateful Dead launched their own record label, and that little-known album Rumors was recorded by Fleetwood Mac.

The Record Plant Today

The craziest part? It's all still there. This wild, lawless, insanely creative place inspired our new spring collection, and we were lucky enough to photograph it there.