Shirt Story

How we redefined absurdly soft.

How we redefined

absurdly soft.


Seriously. Our shirts are made from trees.

This may sound weird, but our fabric is sourced from trees. Wood is a replenishable material that is very sustainable and as it turns out makes very soft shirts.


So, step one: turn wood into shirt. Step two: spin our custom yarns.

Pulp is extracted from the fragmented wood and spun into our custom fiber that is the basis for all of our yarns. We’ve created over 25 custom fabrics from this method, all of which are used in our collections every season.


After the yarn party it’s the after yarn party aka turning soft into shirts.

From there, the fibers are produced into shirts (or sweatshirts or underwear). We take our custom yarn and work with specialty mills to knit up each and every one of our absurdly soft fabrics.


Made with a whole lotta love (by adults).

We produce most of our line in San Francisco & Los Angeles, where some of the best knits in the world are made. For our more technical styles, we manufacture overseas in the same fair and ethical garment factories that we would use in the states. The relationships that we build with our sewers are important to us, and we are confident that our product and brand are in good hands.

We wanted to make a shirt that you’d never want to take off.

(But hopefully you do)