You gave us old tees.
We gave them a new life.

How we did it

We use your old tees to create one of the most sustainable fabrics out there.
Step 1
You gave us your old tees. We sorted them out by color.
Step 2
Then, we broke ‘em down to the fiber level.
Step 3
We added recycled plastic and TENCEL™ Lyocell for durability to create the yarn.
Step 4
Your new(ish) favorite tee is born.

Tees collected so far

We couldn't have done this without you. Literally. This is the first-ever
recycling program that you can directly participate in from start to finish.

The Composition

Made from breaking down old tees our community (AKA you) donated.
We melt things like plastic bottles and spin them back into the fiber.
Made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees.

Join the Re-spun revolution

Send us your old tees

(ANY kind will do)

Get $5 credit per tee

(up to $25 but no limit to donations)

Your tees get a second life

But like, a completely different life. We turn that recycled yarn into a ton of styles.

All of this is made from your old tees.

Give us old tees...

Drop off here for instant credit


Take a prepaid mailer to send ‘em in later

...and get $5* credit per tee.

*Up to $25 but you can give us as many tees as you want

Re-Spun FAQs

Pretty good answers to your really good questions.
  • What kind of tees will you accept?
    We'll take pretty much anything, but cotton tees are ideal. The only thing we can't recycle is activewear fabric — the spandex is hard to break down.
  • Where are you sending them?
    Spain, where our partner factory is. They've been recycling fabrics since the '40s, when they were looking for a solution to the textile shortage caused by WWII. And they're one of the only places in the world with this technology.
  • How long will you be collecting shirts?
    Forever. (Or at least until we go out of business.) But seriously. We want Re-Spun to be a core part of what we do — and t-shirts are just the beginning. We're working hard to expand the program to other kinds of products. Stay tuned.