September 16, 2019

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  • September 16, 2019

  • Tags: The Clothes
  • Listen, NYFW isn’t really our scene (still open to attending the after-parties though...). And to be totally honest, we don't love the word “trend”. But there’s no other way to describe it, so here we are.

    Our team spent (literally) months reading dense industry jargon so you wouldn’t have to. And now, we’re translating it into...well, English.

     This season’s biggest theme? Autumn in the ‘70s. Warm is the new cool. 

    IN: Warm Colors

    “Fall is all about getting cozy, and these colors invoke well... warm feelings. Style your outfits around this color palette, and you’ll be set.” 

    DO: Get some dark shoes to complete your outfit.  

    DON’T: Wear with light-wash or white jeans. If you love truly Summer, let her go.

    OUT: Cool Colors

    “Avoid lavender, violets, turquoise, blues … you get it. Save any color Picasso could’ve used during his Blue Period for the winter.” 

    — Allison, Art Director  

    IN: Animal Prints

    “They instantly add a confident edge to your outfit. But I suggest going with an abstract animal print, which tones it down from a sex-kitten vibe to a more playful, easygoing look.” — Molly, VP Product & Design

    DO: Pair with solid colors. 

    DON’T: Mix different animal prints. You’re not a zoo. 

    OUT: Sequins

    “Sequins. Burning Man was fun while it lasted. Save the sequins for next year. Or at least NYE. They’re not very durable and can make your outfit look too costume-y.”

    — Molly, VP Product & Design

    IN: Feminine Sleeve Details

    “Bubbles and bell sleeves add a softer touch to a long sleeve top. While some long sleeves can look more basic, adding sleeve volume gives a classic piece a feminine touch that's also super wearable.” 

    DO: Wear with wide-leg pants for a true vintage look. 

    DON’T: Wear with a wizard hat. (Except maybe for Halloween? Full of ideas here.) 

    OUT: Spliced Sleeves 

    “Spliced tops or anything with cuts on the shoulders to the sleeves doesn’t make sense right now. Who wants random wind chills only on their shoulders?”

    — Anastasia, Women's Merchandising

     IN: Vintage Textures

    “Toss corduroy or sherpa in the mix, and you’ve instantly got a ‘70s look (Heyo, Donna Pinciotti). Each piece works well with basics, and adds some depth to your outfit.” 

    DO: Go all-in with head-to-toe corduroy. 

    DON’T:  Okay, maybe not toe...Corduroy shoes are going overboard.  

    OUT: Real Suede 

    “Suede is a pain to clean, and it’s not vegan-friendly. It’s also a little bit too cowboy….It’s gonna be a ‘yee naw’ from me, partner.” 

    — Allie, Women's Designer  

    IN: Luxe Lounge 

    “There’s a focus on premium, form-fitting loungewear. It’s still cozy enough for the Laz-E boy, but nice enough to wear in public without giving you that ‘college finals mode’ look.”

    DO: Wear with your favorite casual sneaks. 

    DON’T: Pair with aggressive, neon athletic shoes. You can save those for Crossfit.

    OUT: Anything Tweed 

    “Would be perfect if it was 1912 and you’re hosting a tea party at your country estate. But since it’s not, let’s save this fabric for the Downton Abbey cast. It’s too just all-around stiff.”

    —Lauren, Creative Producer

    One thing to keep in mind— everyone has different tastes. Even at HQ. While it’s obvious that low-rise jeans are an invention from Satan himself, sometimes we’re split about other trends. 

    So think of this less as a “trend report” and more of style recommendations from a few friends— ones looking out for ya. Take our advice or, you know, don’t. It all depends on what your personal style is. 



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