20% Off Sitewide, Baby (!) Discount taken at checkout.VIVA LA SUMMER
20% Off Sitewide, Baby (!) Discount taken at checkout.
The last year at Marine Layer has been more focused on sustainability than ever before. While upcycling is new to us, other brands were founded on it. This month, we want to highlight some of our favorite companies in the upcycling space doing big things with old materials. To celebrate, we are teaming up with Indosole, Sunski, and Rareform to giveaway some product and spread the message of sustainability.


Indosole was founded in response to the huge amount of tire waste in Indonesia. Indosole intercepts tires before getting to landfills and cuts them into unique, durable shapes to be repurposed as shoe soles.


Sunski makes their frames from recycled scrap plastic, a practice that didn’t previously exist in the sunglass industry.


What happens to the thousands of billboards you see off the side of the highway after the lease expires? Rareform repurposes 50,000lbs of that material each month and turns it into bags.
Big shoutout to each of these brands for breaking the mold and contributing to a conscious consumer economy. Check out the giveaway and enter to win all this sustainable product.


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