January 04, 2019

January 04, 2019

Checking Off 2018 Resolutions

Whoa. A lot happened this year. 

This past year, we actually stuck to our resolutions. Well, some. We’re not perfect. Anyways, here’s what they were:

Get active...ish. 

We launched our Weekend Sport activewear line for whatever you do (or don’t do) on the weekend.

weekend sport marine layer

We created a fabric that was technical enough to work out in (4-way stretch and moisture-wicking) but comfortable enough to relax in.

marine layer weekend sport

Great for uphill runs or waiting in ridiculously long brunch lines. Seriously, SF, we need to do something these wait times.

Open up in cool cities.

portland marine layer  Like New Orleans. 

marine layer portland airbnb

Our new spot on Magazine Street even has a 2-bedroom Airbnb in the back.

take a record leave a record wall portland airbnb marine layerWith a take-a-record leave-a-record wall.

Make a great pair of jeans. 

marine layer jeans ML denim 

We spent the last 10 years perfecting the t-shirt. It’s about time we took on denim.

marine layer denim ML denim

In September, we launched ML Denim: the world’s softest premium denim.

Show our pride. 

marine layer pride da bus

We raised over $17,000 to support The Trevor Project’s life-saving work and took to the streets for SF Pride.

marine layer pride

We also decided to build a float featuring Da Bus. And cover it in rainbows and glitter. Naturally.

Step up our sustainability game.

re-spun marine layer

Heyo, Re-Spun. So long, textile waste.

We’ve collected over 10,000 tee donations so far — and this is just the beginning. Lots more to come in 2019.

Travel more. 

We went to Kauai, Todos Santos, Joshua Tree, Seattle, and Copenhagen to shoot catalogs (and rack up some airline miles).

Did someone tell Alex the boat’s not over the water?

Don't give up on Da Bus. 

Even after 6 breakdowns….

We took Da Bus down to LA with our friends at Lost & Found...but only made it to SLO.

Thanks to the help of an inferior minivan we rented in her place, we were able to make it to our LF x ML event juuust in time.

Other events… we weren’t so lucky. (We also might need to add “replace engine” to this year’s list.)

Expand the friend group.

We hired 22 new people (!) to help us make more of your favorite stuff.

2018 has been good to us. Can’t wait 2019.



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