March 01, 2019

March 01, 2019

Viva La Good Life

Our new Spring collection was inspired by the sun-faded pastels and patterned tiles of Mexico City… So picking a place to shoot this catalog was pretty easy.

Sure, getting there was a little tough, but a valuable lesson in physics. (Who knew one Toyota Camry could fit 9 suitcases and 5 people? We do know.)

Here’s where we went in those 48 hours:

1. Xochimilco

Suuuuuuper easy to pronounce. Looks like a carnival, but it’s actually a canal full of colorful flat-bottomed boats called trajineras (another easy word for ya).

BYOB. But if you forgot to bring any, there’s a ton of floating markets around.

And floating mariachi bands (in case you forgot your speakers).

2. Churreria El Moro

This churro factory has been around since 1935, and they’re absolute masters at their craft.

They were good… too good. We downed like 30 churros each. Which prompted a team siesta. Mandatory attendance.

3. Proyecto Publico Prim


Aka where we shot the cover of our Spring catalog. Originally built for a dictator, but then abandoned after an earthquake.

Now it’s an event venue and co-working space. And we thought the WeWork in SF was nice…

4. Mercado San Juan

This marketplace dates back to 1955, and sells all kinds of stuff — like fresh-squeezed juice…

...oh yeah, and cockroach, armadillo, iguana, wild boar, and alligator meat. Woof. We all contemplated vegetarianism after that visit.

5. Coyoacan

Ahh, Mexico City’s historic center. These streets were Frida Kahlo’s old stomping grounds. (Yeah, we took an Art History class, we know what’s up.)  

It was full of wonky cobblestone sidewalks and potholes. Pro tip: don’t wear heels. Our stylist took a couple of faceplants. Which Alex enjoyed, at least.  

Also Mexico City used to manufactures VWs, so these streets were covered in Punch Buggies. Our arms are still sore from punching each other each time we spotted one.

6. Some Random Sushi Place

On the last day of the trip: we had sushi. Thus continuing our tradition of really leaning in and enjoying the local cuisine.

Mexico City, you were amazing. We’ll definitely be back.


Models: @amato.alexander + @chelseagilligan

Photography: @arturoshoots + @julianedward_



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