A revolutionary recycling program that’ll give your old tee a new life.

How it works

Send us your old tees

(ANY kind will do)

Get $5 credit per tee

(up to $25 but no limit to donations)

Your tees get a second life

We'll turn your old shirts into one-of-a-kind recycled tees.

The plan

Create a closed-loop production process

The Final Product

A little about the Re-Spun recycled tee (coming this April).
The Composition
Made up of 50% recycled tees and 50% recycled plastic to be 100% amazing.
The Look
Unique colors made possible by mashing two different colors of tees together. No water or chemicals needed.
The Feel
A buttery softness that feels like a perfectly worn-in tee (AKA it'll be as soft as our other tees).

Why We’re Doing This

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned more about how textiles negatively impact the environment. Seriously, these numbers are absurd.
80 lbs
of clothing are thrown out by the average American each year.
of textiles and clothing are recyclable.
of discarded textiles are actually recycled.

Hear from our founder, Mike

Oh hey.

When I started Marine Layer almost 10 years ago, the goal was to make the best shirt we could... and not go out of business. Adam and I (and the rest of the crew) have spent the majority of the last decade worrying about those things. And in the process, we've managed to build a great brand and a tremendous community of supporters.

But as we gained a better understanding of the apparel industry and its negative impact on the environment, it became clear that we had to do more than just make great clothes and not go broke. We needed to figure out a way to be part of the solution.

Over the years we tried lots of things (including a hideous recycled t-shirt bag) but struggled to figure out how to make a substantial positive impact. Turns out, our fatal flaw was not coming up with a solution that involved our customers.

That's why we're so excited about Re-Spun. It's the only recycling program around that leverages the incredible power of our community.

We launched Re-Spun this past month and already got about 3 times as many donation commitments as we expected. We need 20,000 to get to the scale where this program will work, and we're well on our way. Hopefully, this is just the beginning!

Thanks to everyone who has participated. And to everyone who read this far down in our message.

Re-Spun FAQs

Pretty good answers to your really good questions.
  • What kind of tees will you accept?
    We'll take pretty much anything, but cotton tees are ideal. The only thing we can't recycle is activewear fabric — the spandex is hard to break down.
  • Where are you sending them?
    Spain, where our partner factory is. They've been recycling fabrics since the '40s, when they were looking for a solution to the textile shortage caused by WWII. And they're one of the only places in the world with this technology.
  • How long will you be collecting shirts?
    Forever. (Or at least until we go out of business.) But seriously. We want Re-Spun to be a core part of what we do — and t-shirts are just the beginning. We're working hard to expand the program to other kinds of products. Stay tuned.