Our Story 2016_09 New

The day after my girlfriend threw away my favorite shirt I started working on Marine Layer...

I convinced my best friend Adam (he’s on the left) to join me because it took me over a year to make the first shirt.

Together, we developed a brand based on absurdly soft t-shirts that are perfect for a 7-day-weekend kinda lifestyle.

These lovely ladies, Xiao Ling and Fei, helped us perfect the cut and sew. Their expertise is key in making our tees fit and feel the way they do.

Two weeks in, we closed up shop to buy our 69’ VW bus.

We needed a vehicle to move our shirts from Xiao’s to our first store - which other car could we have possibly gotten?

Check out the full story here.

Since then, we’ve gotten a bunch of friends to quit their real jobs to help us make some more shirts and open up a few more stores.

Pop in sometime and say hello. And buy some shirts please.