ML Sustainability

We make stuff you love to wear as much as your old favorite t-shirt — with the lowest environmental impact we can.

Here's how we're doing.

Our Custom Fabrics

In case you didn't know, we're pretty obsessed with fabric. We've custom-developed over 100 fabrics. Our goal is to maximize our use of fabrics that minimize our environmental impact.

Where We're At

of our newly-developed fabrics in 2018 used sustainable materials.

This Year's Plan

of our newly-developed fabrics in 2019 will use sustainable materials.

Here are the four pillars of regenerative,
low-impact materials we use in our custom fabrics:

Recycled Plastic

Old plastic bottles melted
down and spun back into fiber.

Upcycled Cotton

Made from breaking down old
tees our community donated.


Made from the wood
pulp of eucalyptus trees.


A fine cellulosic fiber
from recycled beech wood.

Honorable Mentions: Alpaca, Linen, Organic Cotton, Hemp

Our Clothes

Fast fashion isn’t our style. We make an effort to reduce unnecessary waste wherever we can.

Where We're At

of all clothes made in 2018 were made with eco-friendly fabrics.

This Year's Plan

of all clothes made in 2019 will be made with eco-friendly fabrics.

Made in small batches

Meaning no mass production. Everything we make, we sell.

Quality built to last

And endure your washing machine’s wrath for years.

Tees made to be recycled*

Over them? We’ll take ‘em back and turn them into brand new tees.

* Although you’ll probably just pass them down to your grandchildren — along with your finest china.

Pssst…. Fabrics scraps make up some of the pockets in our pocket tees.

Our Supply Chain

This is basically a fancy word for the back end of our product — aka where the magic happens.
It includes:
- Turning materials into fabrics
- Making fabric into clothing
- Getting stuff delivered

Where We're At

of our factories have an active WRAP-certification.
of our boxes are recycled in our warehouse.

This Year's Plan

of our factories will have an active WRAP-certification by 2020.
We’re working on finding a solution for the industry-wide problem of receiving items individually wrapped in plastic.

We're picky about who we work with

We work with independent facility certification programs like WRAP. A handful of our factories already are already certified, but we're committed to doing more.

Fair pay and ethical work conditions are important to us — so we make sure everyone’s on the same page.

100% of our supply chain partners have signed our code of conduct.

Made responsibly (by adults). No mugatu business here.

Our Stores

We’re always looking for ways to go greener in our stores.

Pro tip: shop in-store for less carbon emissions from shipping, less packaging waste, and more instant gratification for you.


Where We're At


tote bags

Re-Spun dropoff


This Year's Plan

Light sensors
in stock rooms

Take in all
types of clothes
to be Re-Spun

Compost bins
in all stores

Where you come in


Donate to Re-Spun

We’re turning your old tees into new ones. Together, we can keep textiles out of landfills — one tee at a time.


Get a Giving Tee

We’ve partnered with some of our favorite charities to make custom tees — and give back a portion of the proceeds.


Other things you can do

(That doesn’t involve buying our stuff.)
Download this tip sheet.