best gifts in town

Want to win Christmas with the most unique and well-made gift in the room? This collection highlights some seriously high level design with looks that fit every character on your list. Check out the stats on the beauties below… Oh, and they’re all 15% off!







holiday happy hour(S)

We can tell by all the Christmas tree instagrams that everyone is reaaally in the holiday spirit this year… We didn’t want to be just another retail store offering mini candy canes at check out so we’re stepping up our holiday cheer factor by throwing not one, but ten holiday happy hours this week.

Our crews from LA to NYC will be decked out in santa hats and pouring champagne all night long. So, show up with some friends, groove along to the smooth rhythm of Jingle Bell Rock and knock out some holiday shopping. Store addresses here >


Happy Thanksgiving

Let’s start this post by saying that we’re seriously thankful for all of the great things that came our way this year. If anyone asks, that’s our official statement. Unofficially? We asked a few team members to chime in on what they are grateful for and well, we’re pleased to say that our employees have their priorities in check.

Hey guys, what are you thankful for?


Chu Min: I’m thankful for Rupert (my pug), Fireball (the liquor), Taylor Swift (my savior) and SnapChat (the app used by 16 year olds…and me).


Daniel: I’m thankful that the Eagles play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. Go Birds! Big day for this Birds’ fan. Both Eagles and Turkeys…


Mike: I’m thankful for my daughters and for Frozen so I can stick them in front of the TV for a couple hours and enjoy a proper Thanksgiving meal.


Adam: I’m thankful for having two little boys and can make fun of Mike for only having girls for the next 20 years of our lives… I’m particularly looking forward to the high school years.


Meg: I’m thankful that Jordan finally put a ring on it, my looong career at Marine Layer, and yams. I might be most thankful for yams.

OK – you probably get it? … As a team we’re thankful for our awesome customers, 6 new stores this year and an office that finally has separate boys and girls bathrooms.

who needs turkey?

Thanksgiving week has always been about over boozing and turkey naps. While we love both of those things, maybe a bit too much, we’re excited to mix things up this week… with oysters.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.46.19 PM

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Winestyr for a coast to coast giveaway featuring Marine Layer and three other great brands from SF to Massachusetts. $600 in oysters and ML gear, along with some fancy pants candles and big kid stemware, this contest is simple to enter and tough to miss out on. Click here to (maybe) win.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.01.31 PM

The only question is, do you think you can hire someone off Craigslist to shuck a truck’s worth of oysters? … your tennis elbow might get in the way and there’s wine to enjoy by candlelight.




  1. King Charles, Mumford & Sons – The Brightest Lights
  2. Joshua James – Coal War
  3. The White Buffalo – Joe and Jolene
  4. Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home
  5. Bahamas – Lost In The Light
  6. Deer Tick – Twenty Miles
  7. Bob Dylan – Meet Me In The Morning
  8. The Milk Carton Kids – Honey, Honey
  9. Horse Thief – Holding On
  10. Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed (feat. Esmé Patterson)
  11. King Charles – Mississippi Isabel
  12. The Lone Bellow – You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To
  13. Conor Oberst – Hundreds of Ways
  14. Bahamas – Stronger Than That
  15. Amanaz – Khala My Friend

Mixtape changes (almost) every week. Follow marinelayershirts on Spotify to access all playlists. 

NYC open for biz

We flew, we partied, we opened… Finally. After 16 cross country tickets, 4 events and about 1,000 feet of copper piping, we’ve turned our own little corner of New York City into our most kick-ass store yet. (Hey Mike, can we say “ass” on the blog?)


It took a lot of work to get here, with a few minor blunders along the way. RIP Burlingame store. But all in, we’re pretty proud of this one.



It’s our most jacked up store yet and we hope this is just the beginning of our occupy east coast campaign. When those guys get dumped on with 3 feet of snow in the next few weeks, we’re happy they can escape to our bit of CA sunshine, where the heat will be pumped up to 80 degrees so that the little cactus collection we put together doesn’t freeze to death.



Come visit us at 316 Bleecker Street. John is our store manager, he’s great and will help you with whatever you need!


sorry about the john mayer

john-forblogFor those of you who don’t live in the Windy City… Lo siento, no sale for you!


Oh Hello, NYC.

This is our biggest headline since that time we blew our savings on a bus that couldn’t break 40 mph… Marine Layer is coming to New York City!

Truth be told, the old bus didn’t have the legs to make it so this new location doesn’t exactly fall under our initial expansion strategy. But this is New York freakin’ City we’re talking about and we’d crawl cross country on our hands and knees to have a piece of that pie. We’re movin’ on up and we think that calls for a little celebration.


The entire ML team is shutting down the Workshop and flying to the Big Apple (in coach, obviously) to open the doors of our first east coast store the only way we know how; with a decent selection of booze, sweet tunes and some pretty great people. Hope we didn’t oversell ourselves with that one. Get ready New York.

And if you see a swarm of Californians rolling deep in birkenstocks and t-shirts… try not to laugh.