Deets on the ML x PUBLIC Collab

Heyo! Its giveaway time. We put our heads together with our pals at PUBLIC to create the perfect custom bike for cruising around the city, heading to the beach and skipping out on Uber’s surge pricing.


We’ve been taking it for spins around the office (rides like a dream) and although we love it…we lose and/or break things way too often so we’re giving it away.


The contest lasts until March 31st, which gives you plenty of time to hack the system and figure out how to make it yours. Or, just share with your friends and we’ll give you 10 bonus points.


if ya can’t beat em, join em

Since we moved into the scenic Tender-Nob the nondescript front door of our Workshop has been home to flocks of pigeons, trash piles, and most frequently – graffiti from local…artists?


After a year of painting over the …lovely… street art every night we figured if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. We got Antoine and Robert from 1:AM SF to come do a proper tag job out front.


We had them brave the elements (65 degrees with a chance of clouds) and got ‘em started at the crack of noon on Monday.




Just Kidding.




Two sunny days later…with input from many a Tender-Nob local, they unveiled their ML themed masterpiece.


Thanks Antoine and Robert, we’re feeling like the cool kids on the block. P.S. Banksy if the midnight tagger was you… our bad.

Check out our Instagram @marinelayer to see a legit timelapse.



  1. White Fence – Lizards First
  2. Twin Shadow – Turn Me Up
  3. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller
  4. The Fresh & Onlys – Who Let The Devil
  5. Bear in Heaven – If I Were To Lie
  6. King Tuff – Sun Medallion
  7. Jhameel – White Lie
  8. Sylvan Esso – Play It Right
  9. Wild Nothing – Live In Dreams
  10. Allah-Las – Busman’s Holiday
  11. Classixx – Borderline feat. Jesse Kivel
  12. Chet Faker – Gold
  13. Holy Ghost! – Okay
  14. Breakbot – Make You Mine
  15. Tennis – Never Work For Free
  16. Toro Y Moi – So Many Details
  17. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru

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New Year, New Stuff

Aaand we’re back. It only took 3 weeks to dust off the ‘ole sewing machine and make some new clothes. Take a looksy at our first product drop of 2015.




Employee Spotlight: Martha

It’s that time again folks! This time around we’re interviewing Martha… she’s our Production Manager, resident bag lady and ML all-star who started here in 2011 as a retail employee in our Chestnut Street store.


1. Down to business. You work a lot. Is that cause you just can’t get enough? (kidding) If you’re not working… where can we find you? Not that we’re going to track you down or anything…  Probably on a trail run somewhere in Marin or swimming in Aquatic Park. I go to Perry’s and Balboa a lot too, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

2. That’s nice. Now on to the interesting stuff. What’s the best prank that has been played on you at Marine Layer?  One time I came back from vacation and everything on my desk was covered in barcodes. Literally, everything. Computer screen, stapler, filing cabinet, calculator, you name it. Thank you very little Mike N…

3. If you could raid the closet of anyone at all, living or dead, who would it be?  As much as I hate to admit it, Gwyneth has never had a bad outfit, ever. So probably her. She also has a great collection of oversized sweaters, which (according to my lovely co-workers) I’m notorious for wearing too many of.

4. How did you feel about Mike’s outfit on ‘Dress as Your Coworker Day’?  SPOT. ON. But ew to those jeans…


5. Most embarrassing moment at Marine Layer?  About a year ago I was backing out of our office driveway in our brand new truck, Mike (CEO of ML for anyone who doesn’t know…) was also pulling out of another driveway in our Vdubs… I backed right in to him. Middle of Union Street. Crash. To make matters worse, all my coworkers were eating lunch outside next door so they watched the whole thing go down. Ouch. Well…I’m sure nobody remembers that…………..

6. Biggest phobia? I hate rodents! My worst nightmare would be to be surrounded by Capybaras. What’s the weirdest, most surprising thing you can think of? That Daniel Blaine is in fashion.


Editors Note: Daniel, who frequently dons pleated khaki shorts, running shoes and golf club polos has self-described his fashion as “Bohemian meets rustic country gentleman.”

7. OK… that is terrifying. On all accounts. NEXT! What songs are you listening to right now? Judge if you want but ‘Just Hold On, We’re Going Home’ by Drake is my jam. There, I said it.


8. So… as Marine Layer’s Product Manager, you and our sewer, Xiao-Ling, are pretty tight. What is your biggest takeaway from that relationship? Besides the flow of pork buns, my biggest takeaway from Miss Xiao-Ling is the constant lectures on drinking too much wine and locking down a man, because of my escalating age (I’m 26).

Thanks for the segway annnnd now that we’re on the subject of our favorite, spit-fire-sewer… We snagged our photog Kirby and went down to Gobo (our local sewing shop) to snap some pics of Martha and Xiao in production action.




Production Team 2015 Class Pic


I guess now is a good time to tell you Martha kidnapped Xiao-Ling…


….just for the morning. Minus the lack of pork buns we think she had a good time.


Thanks Martha. Thanks Xiao-Ling. Ok, bye bye.