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September 9, 2014
The Last American Sweaters


We’re gonna get the bad news out of the way. First, only five percent of Americans wear clothes made in the USA. Second, there is only one remaining sweater mill in America.

Sorry, that was out of character… on to the good news. In an effort to keep with our Made in California (by adults) mission, we are working closely with the last standing sweater mill in the US-o-A to produce super soft, classic sweaters for fall.


Mike and Jess tested the first round out last weekend on a cool, old property in Sebastopol. We think they look pretty damn good for a couple of farmers. 


Stay tuned, we’ve got more up our woolen sleeves…

September 8, 2014


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August 27, 2014
Archives Project

Huzzah, we’ve managed to stay in business for five years… Instead of celebrating with snap bracelets and tacos, we’re launching the Archives Project. While being a small-batch clothing company has its perks like always launching new products, things sell out quickly and we get lots of requests to bring back some of the O.G.s. Well, we took note. Here’s another chance at finding that perfect shirt. You can thank us later.


It’s simple – We open the vault and bring back a favorite design, you place your pre-order. Want the shirt? Share with friends. Production starts when the archive reaches its goal in time. Desperate to get your hands on a specific design you saw? Email us at and we’ll consider it!

archives-project (1)

For our first archive, we’re bringing back a tried and true (and timely) favorite, our Fleet Week shirt from 2010. It features a vintage-inspired design with the Blue Angels, G.G. Bridge and a cool war ship… the only thing missing is a rooftop party. Want to wear this throwback tee while enjoying the best weekend of the year? Pre-order here and spread the word. Expected ship date is Oct 2, 2014.  Get involved…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.54 PM

August 20, 2014
Venice Spotlight


Ever since our first (read: 12) Braveheart(s) at Tasting Kitchen, we wanted to land a spot on Abbot Kinney. So, when we nabbed a spot in an old auto repair shop, we were pumped to exist in the midst of so many good-looking, toned people with impossibly well put together wardrobes– here’s to hoping summa that rubs off on us.


Even the mannequins are effortlessly cool…

Come in, sit down, and make yourself comfortable at our semi-functional table made of a defunct bowling ball return. Things the “table” can hold – pocket change, spilled coffee, and…spare balls.

A good reason to have disability insurance….our photog Kirby goes to great lengths to capture a flawless shot. Here she is precariously balancing on a tripod in the middle of a public street. The result? Perfection:

August 13, 2014
Adventure with Weekend Sherpa


This summer, we’re partnering with Weekend Sherpa for their 2014 Adventure Challenge. It’s easy to win; just go outside for a bit. Kidding… follow the simple steps outlined here so you can win a goodie bag that includes a custom WS t-shirt made by us. Now that’s a prize!

And not only that, one lucky guy or gal will be chosen at random to win a trip for two to Mexico – thank you, Alaska Airlines.  The challenge ends on September 14th, so enter here, or keep reading below for our must-do Weekend Sherpa adventures.


Weekend Sherpa’s “Battery Charger” takes you on a tour of Baker Beach, the Batteries, and the Bluff’s Trail for views of the Golden Gate and the Marin Headlands… ladies, pack our Jogger Pants for cooler, early morning hikes.


What better way to enjoy summer than to sleep in the great outdoors? And, “Yes, Sur!” WS suggests you ditch the expensive Big Sur lodging and camp at Kirk Creek. Nerd Alert: Grab one of these and have your portrait taken on the Bixby.


Cold water and shrinkage be damned, we love the tiny town of Bolinas and WS’s “Go Your Own Way” beach day. Nudey laws apply so don’t forget your Board Shorts.

August 5, 2014
Walking shorts + Flamingos on our wovens





July 29, 2014


And by weird, we mean… don’t change a thing. We’ve opened our second Portland store on NW 23rd and absolutely love this town. If you haven’t been, definitely add it to the ‘ol bucket list. As a tribute, we’ve come up with a list of local bands and fave songs… if any of these bands aren’t actually from Portland, blame it on google.

Playlist (embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom left of page)


July 23, 2014
The New ML Store (in a house)

Enough of these studio apartments, Marine Layer’s upgrading. We’re taking over a two story house and stocking it full of absurdly soft SF made goods.

Women’s on top … 


… and Men’s on the bottom. That’s what she said?


No but really, each gender has their own floor. The women’s area is bright and airy and … our women’s designer wished she lived there, right Isabel? The men’s floor screams mancave with a shuffleboard table, pinball machine, and dressing rooms complete with Playboys from the 80s. (awesome)

Visit us on NW23rd in Portland! In the meantime, here are some more pics to hold you over.





What’s more, our new casa will have a tricked out backyard, outdoor movie screen, a hammock, and couches (or rugs) for napping. Come lounge with us, the sun is shining! …for now.


July 21, 2014
New Wovens + Tons of Tees




July 11, 2014
New Linen Blazer & Other Soft Essentials

With the patriotic hubbub behind us, we’re back to business as usual… Towing our VW bus down California street, Molly, ML web associate, getting cozy with our photo props and new products dropping every two weeks… Take notes from the headless fashionistas below, our Maritime Blue Hoodie and Linen Blazer are where it’s at.






















Work from home? Lucky. You can video conference with our summer blazer on top and our PJ pants on the bottom. No one will know…