His & Hers Bombers

Historically bombers are a flight jacket but Derek prefers it for his motorcycle. Ironically, if you can fly or if you look like our friend/model you don’t really need a cool jacket… For the rest of us, we highly recommend grabbing this coat.


And what’s a his without a hers? Bombers all around… Girls, yours is made out of our new favorite fabric, charcoal quilted fleece, perfect for blustery days like today.





Employee Spotlight: Mason

We know it’s been a while, but Employee Spotlights are back! Meet Mason, our Operations Manager who started here 3 years ago as a retail employee in Hayes Valley.


1. Mason, tell us, what do you do at Marine Layer? Some call me mini Adam (COO, CFO, Team Dad)… Let’s just say the stores would fall apart without my operational genius but describing my job is not glamorous and potentially boring. Next.

2. You made a huge impact on our (old) website with your modeling debut. How did the experience affect you? That was definitely the peak of not only my Marine Layer career, but probably my life. I didn’t get recognized on the street as much as I thought I would but it did bring my scant amount of facial hair to light.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.48.51 PM

3. How would you describe your style? “Guy with no real style happens to work at clothing stores most of his adult life and just buys what he sells”? I guess I’ve upgraded in the last few years. No more wearing free t-shirts from various summer sports camps seven days a week.

4. We hear you’re a new father to Crash Daddy the French Bulldog. What have you learned from parenthood thus far? Apparently Frenchies have gas problems, or at least mine does. He’s first seat in the butt trumpet orchestra. No shame with that guy. Or in my answer. Surprisingly, women love a cute French Bulldog too. Who woulda thought?


5. Onto something more appetizing. Favorite restaurant in San Francisco? Does Chipotle count? I’m not as fancy as most of you foodies, so don’t expect me to say NOPA or State Bird Provisions. Let me tell you about this all you can eat sushi place in Daly City though….


6. How much do you bench? That’s a little personal, don’t ya think? At least buy me a drink first.

7. Biggest phobia? That no one will think this is funny…….. And being trapped in a meat locker. That’s a real thing.

8. What’s the weirdest, most surprising thing you can think of? A mustache is like an eyebrow for your mouth. OK, that’s random.. let’s move on to something that won’t scare the readers. 3 songs you’re listening to right now? I’m really into the 80′s-feeling, pop, synth dance tunes right now. Check these out:

Tennis- I’m Callin’

Chromeo- Over Your Shoulder

Childish Gambino- Pop Thieves

9. We  know you were hoping we wouldn’t bring this up… but can you tell us about your experience bowling with the Marine Layer team? Oh c’monn.. Well, I had talked a big game all week but when the day finally came my bark was bigger than my… bowling skills. I can’t pinpoint what happened (Full moon? Bowling shoes two sizes too small?) but I bowled a 68. Haven’t been able to live it down here at the office but I’ve been practicing and I think I’m finally ready for a rematch.


Yeah, that’s a wrap.



Fight the Monday blues with this mix of soul and funk legends. Pop in your headphones, strut yer stuff to Chaka Khan and try not to feel just a liiiiittle more pumped to conquer the day…


  1. Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good
  2. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Born in Chicago
  3. Nat King Cole – Send For Me
  4. Buddy Guy – Ain’t No Sunshine (feat. Tracy Chapman)
  5. Sam Cooke – (What A) Wonderful World
  6. Muddy Waters – Crawlin’ Kingsnake
  7. Junior Wells, Buddy Guy – Snatch It Back And Hold It
  8. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
  9. Muddy Waters – Hey, Hey
  10. Sam Cooke – Chain Gang
  11. Junior Wells, Buddy Guy Orchestra – I’ll Take Care Of You
  12. Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
  13. Sonny Boy Williamson, Otis Span & Friends – I Don’t Know
  14. Sam Cooke – You Send Me

Mixtape changes (almost) every week. Follow marinelayershirts on Spotify to access all playlists.

And now that we got you toe tapping, take a virtual tour of our Chicago store to inspire a midwest visit…


As the temps dwindle, you’ll want to stop by our Bucktown shop for an injection of endless summer.



We’ve got cacti, colors so bright you’ll need a pair of shades, and landscapes that’ll remind you of warmer days.


Just don’t let your dog piddle on the grass rug, Allison (our visual designer) hasn’t replaced it yet and it’s a bitch to clean…


Sueded Jersey for the Gals

The design team is on a roll creating one new fabric after the next. This week we’re introducing our sueded jersey, staggeringly soft while maintaining structure. Think flan, but for your body… hmmm, did we lose you there? Anyway, what we’re trying to say is, this shirt maintains a slim appearance without clinging to you, making it the perfect choice for mornings when you double down on chocolate croissants – we’ve been there.


Another bonus, sueded jersey can be washed and dried on regular cycles. Of course, the longer you lay off the high heat, the longer this piece will last.  We have the women’s sueded jersey tees in stock now and men’s on the way. Sorry guys, just like mama taught us, ladies first.

Introducing Cloud Sherpa

Our sorceresses earned their keep this month with the addition of our new cloud-like, fleecy fabric. The face of the fabric is subtly heathered, while the inside is suuuper plush and fleecy. How do they do it? We may never know. But as experts on absurdly soft stuff, we advise you to add this to your ML collection.


This week we’re featuring cloud sherpa hi-low crew necks for women, but there’s no need for the guys to get jealous… We have men’s styles made out of the same magical stuff. Shop the collection here >



Weekends are too short and the weather has been too good… This week we’re channeling a beautiful afternoon spent road tripping to Big Sur (or anywhere nostalgic that doesn’t involve a desk). Chill tunes and comfortable clothes? Check.

Playlist (embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom left of page)

  1.  The Dig – I Already Forgot Everything You Said
  2. Jim James – Dear One
  3. Lord Huron – We Went Wild
  4. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – Cecilia and the Satellite
  5. The Knocks, Powers – Classic
  6. Gardens & Villas – Chrysanthemums
  7. Damien Jurado – Working Titles
  8. astronomyy – Nothin On My Mind
  9. Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never
  10. Rhye – Open
  11. Nihils – Help Our Souls
  12. Caveman – Where’s the Time
  13. Júníus Meyvant – Color Decay
  14. Dan Auerbach – When the Night Comes
  15. Chris and Thomas – Broken Chair

*Mixtape changes (almost) every week, follow marinelayershirts on Spotify to access all past playlists

We’re “Running” the “Corporate” Challenge


We’re not trying to be the best at exercising, but we’re all about supporting a good cause and having some fun. This year we’re running in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge supporting Year Up, a foundation that helps low income young adults launch their careers. The 3.35-mile race will also be an opportunity to curb some desk- to-desk competition and call attention to the white man-thigh epidemic going around our office.

Note: You can help support – 10% of today’s proceeds go to Year Up.

The Last American Sweaters


We’re gonna get the bad news out of the way. First, only five percent of Americans wear clothes made in the USA. Second, there is only one remaining sweater mill in America.

Sorry, that was out of character… on to the good news. In an effort to keep with our Made in California (by adults) mission, we are working closely with the last standing sweater mill in the US-o-A to produce super soft, classic sweaters for fall.


Mike and Jess tested the first round out last weekend on a cool, old property in Sebastopol. We think they look pretty damn good for a couple of farmers. 


Stay tuned, we’ve got more up our woolen sleeves…

Archives Project

Huzzah, we’ve managed to stay in business for five years… Instead of celebrating with snap bracelets and tacos, we’re launching the Archives Project. While being a small-batch clothing company has its perks like always launching new products, things sell out quickly and we get lots of requests to bring back some of the O.G.s. Well, we took note. Here’s another chance at finding that perfect shirt. You can thank us later.


It’s simple – We open the vault and bring back a favorite design, you place your pre-order. Want to make sure we make it? Then share it with your friends. Production starts when the archive reaches its goal in time. Desperate to get your hands on a specific design you saw? Email us at archives@marinelayer.com and we’ll consider it!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.54 PM