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July 29, 2014


And by weird, we mean… don’t change a thing. We’ve opened our second Portland store on NW 23rd and absolutely love this town. If you haven’t been, definitely add it to the ‘ol bucket list. As a tribute, we’ve come up with a list of local bands and fave songs… if any of these bands aren’t actually from Portland, blame it on google.

Playlist (embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom left of page)


July 23, 2014
The New ML Store (in a house)

Enough of these studio apartments, Marine Layer’s upgrading. We’re taking over a two story house and stocking it full of absurdly soft SF made goods.

Women’s on top … 


… and Men’s on the bottom. That’s what she said?


No but really, each gender has their own floor. The women’s area is bright and airy and … our women’s designer wished she lived there, right Isabel? The men’s floor screams mancave with a shuffleboard table, pinball machine, and dressing rooms complete with Playboys from the 80s. (awesome)

Visit us on NW23rd in Portland! In the meantime, here are some more pics to hold you over.





What’s more, our new casa will have a tricked out backyard, outdoor movie screen, a hammock, and couches (or rugs) for napping. Come lounge with us, the sun is shining! …for now.


July 21, 2014
New Wovens + Tons of Tees




July 11, 2014
New Linen Blazer & Other Soft Essentials

With the patriotic hubbub behind us, we’re back to business as usual… Towing our VW bus down California street, Molly, ML web associate, getting cozy with our photo props and new products dropping every two weeks… Take notes from the headless fashionistas below, our Maritime Blue Hoodie and Linen Blazer are where it’s at.






















Work from home? Lucky. You can video conference with our summer blazer on top and our PJ pants on the bottom. No one will know…


July 8, 2014


OK, so this may feel one-sided but we’re going to go with it… Freddie Mercury almost made the list but we didn’t know how he’d feel being sandwiched between TLC & Nina Simone.

Playlist (embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom left of page)

  1. Diana Ross – Upside Down 
  2. Mariah Carey, O.D.B. – Fantasy 
  3. Janet Jackson – When I Think of You
  4. Aretha Franklin – Think
  5. Carole King – I Feel The Earth Move 
  6. TLC – Creep 
  7. Donna Summer – Bad Girls 
  8. Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It 
  9. Salt-N-Peppa, En Vogue – Whatta Man 
  10. Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares For Me 
  11. Madonna – Open Your Heart 
  12. Whitney Houston – How Will I Know 
  13. Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time 
  14. Beyoncé - Love On Top

*Mixtape changes (almost) every week, follow marinelayershirts on Spotify to access all past playlists

July 2, 2014
shark prints + indigo stripes






June 24, 2014
cop a feel?

So, our friends at Belle SF gave us a little ad space on the pages of their latest issue. Thanks guys! Their vibe is a bit steamier than we’re used to over here, but with some creativity and help from Mike (our awesome friend) who was willing to shed his drawers at 9am on Monday morning, we pulled together a great shot.


 Check out the issue to read about cool art, general nakedness and our unexpected cameo…

June 23, 2014


Time to set a patriotic tone … cue the Springsteen and turn on the grill, 4th of July here we come!

Playlist (embedded Spotify playlist at the bottom left of page)

  1. Alabama – Song of the South
  2. Bruce Springsteen – I’m Goin’ Down
  3. R. Dean Taylor – Indiana Wants Me
  4. The Highwaymen – Highwayman
  5. Old Crow Medicine Show – Down Home Girl
  6. Emmylou Harris – Two More Bottles of Wine
  7. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – American Girl
  8. Gladys Knight & The Pips – Midnight Train to Georgia
  9. The Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia
  10. The Cave Singers – Summer Light
  11. Grateful Dead – Tennessee Jed
  12. Waylon Jennings – Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
  13. Alabama – Mountain Music
  14. Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried
  15. Rascal Flatts – Summer Nights
  16. Brooks & Dunn – Only In America
  17. John Mellencamp – Our Country
  18. Townes Van Zandt – Colorado Girl
  19. Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska

*Mixtape changes (almost) every week, follow marinelayershirts on Spotify to access all past playlists

June 19, 2014
Dress for Summertime


Dads and soccer got a lot of airtime last week…yah still with us, ladies? Great. After mastering everyone’s favorite maxi dress, we’ve been hard at work creating a whole line of ultra flattering, super soft summery dresses for any body type and every occasion. Additionally, we’ve re-up’d everyone’s favorite Jogger Pants. You know, the lounge pants you’ve been wearing out to dinner cause they’re so damn soft? No judgements. Ok, maybe just a little…



June 18, 2014
Employee Spotlight: Isabel the Sourcerer

Our employee spotlight is back and we have an ‘ol timer in the hot seat. Let’s hope she doesn’t embarrass herself too much. Meet Isabel, Women’s Product Designer and Fabric Buyer… also known as the sourcerer.


1. So, what do you do here at Marine Layer? Online shop and gchat. Kidding. I source our fabrics and design all of the women’s clothes.

2. You’ve been here awhile… Let’s do a fun ‘Us Weekly’ type THEN & NOW… What did you wear then and what do you wear now? Pictures encouragedWhen I first moved to SF I went through a major “tomboy phase.” Essentially ML men’s wovens and old beat up converse. You know, super sexy like. These days I take a few more risks with what I wear – Canadian tuxedos, overalls, clogs. It works out most days.


3. We hear you’re the founder of #scenesfrommyrun — what does this hashtag mean to you and what’s your favorite associated photo? Wow, great question. So glad someone finally asked about it. Basically, it’s just me taking better pictures than anyone else on Instagram while running 7 minute miles.  


4. Favorite place for a drink in San Francisco? Empress of China on a sunny day. It’s definitely the weirdest place in the city…

5. You’re the music junky at the office… what are you listening to these daysI can give you three albums I currently have on repeat - Netherfriends, album P3ace / the new Beck album, Morning Phase / Steve Gunn, album Time Off.

6. What would you say is your spirit animal?  T-Rex. I have pretty awkward arms but they get the job done.


7. What Marine Layer product(s) would come highly recommended by you? T-shirt dress. Just kidding, I had to model that one for Marine Layer back in the old days and it was totally traumatizing… I’ve moved on and I’m now really loving our Boyfriend Pocket T’s, the Ministripe Maxi Dress and our Sophie Woven.

8. Favorite movie quote: “I like totally paused at that stop sign.” – Cher Horowitz

 OK, bye bye.